Green Wedding Guide: Favors

Choose Sustainable Wedding Favors!

To make sure your favors a not a waste of both money and resources, consider thoughtful, useful, personal, or delicious items, which are much more likely to be appreciated and used. Here are some ideas to save green and make your wedding favors greener:

Consider a consumable. Many guests are just not hungry enough for a late-night snack, so to cut waste, give them a small treat to be enjoyed later, or a consumable, useful item. Katherine Anne Confections offers delectable truffles, caramels, and marshmallows that are made with local ingredients like Kilgus cream and Seedling Farms fruit and packed in boxes by Distant Village that is both fair-trade and sustainably-sourced.

Homemade items like spice blends, granola, or hot chocolate mix are thoughtful, inexpensive, and you can make them with organic ingredients. Just avoid plastic packaging and opt for eco-friendly, biodegradable wrapping alternatives.

How about "upcycled" gifts? Put on your crafting hat and consider making a favor or gift that speaks to your DIY-side. Plus, recycled or reusable packaging reduces waste on both ends. Bright Endeavors offers their hand-poured, natural soy wax candles in recycled wine and soda bottles that guests can keep.

Double duty. A wedding favor can also serve double duty as an escort card. A prettily wrapped piece of fruit is yummy, looks beautiful, and can even add fragrance (fresh peaches, anyone?) to your reception.

Living plants, like succulents or mini terrariums, are great take-aways and add décor to your tables. Pollen and other GWA florists can add individual succulents right on to your flower order – eliminating one more vendor.

Gifts that give back. Some couples, in lieu of favors will make a donation to a charity with significant personal meaning and put up a sign saying so. You can also let guests know by giving them a small item like a bookmark. Bright Endeavors' candles, by the way, are made by adolescent mothers in a work-training program.

Re-use. Nimble Well suggests not using plastic in wedding favors. While it is often convenient, the most memorable favors, and the ones most likely to be taken home, use simple or reusable packaging, like a string bow and a sprig of lavender. Include as little packaging as you can, or use reusable glass or ceramic, or recyclable paper bags.