Green Wedding Guide: Rentals & Decor

Decorate Your Wedding Sustainably

Choose vintage and locally-sourced options such as GWA members Chicago Vintage Weddings and Aged Vintage Rentals for your rental furniture.

Ask your décor vendor if they transport and store items in reusable totes (like GWA members Nimble Well and Vintage Place Settings do)…or if they use Styrofoam.

Think lighting. GWA member Art of Imagination recommends using LED lighting features. They are more energy efficient (less money!), last longer (less waste!) and come in a variety of colors (more pretty!)

Sustainable votives. Bright Endeavors offers a votive refill service, using soy wax. Many GWA vendors like caterers and planners include this service, which is both sustainable and provides jobs for young Chicago mothers in need.

Ask how linens and fabric drapes get washed and dried. High-efficiency machines with cold water and non-toxic detergent are best.

Using rental plates, silverware, and glasses is obviously better than using disposable materials. If because of cost or preference you have to use disposables, consider compostable items like paper or bamboo plates, and plant-based plastic utensils and cups.

Natural chairs save paint. White chairs have to be repainted every few months, but natural wood chairs don’t.

Reuse vintage items. Avoiding creating new is a more sustainable approach. Plus vintage items  make for a truly one-of-a-kind look. While it requires some planning and effort, some couples revel in scouring garage and estate sales to create an eclectic looks for their wedding. Four of our members offer varying collections of vintage decor items to rent for every taste.

Save the peanuts. Packing materials can create a lot of waste rather quickly. Rather than packing items in cardboard boxes, Vintage Place Settings transports items using reusable milk crates that are easily washed and reused. Nimble Well uses reusable totes and padding to bring items to and from events.

Chicago Vintage Weddings offers vintage furniture that has been carefully maintained which lends a unique look to your wedding without producing new material.