Green Wedding Guide: Beauty

How to Be a Beautiful and Sustainable Bride

You don't have to sacrifice beauty to have a sustainable wedding! We've compiled these tips & ideas from our members to help guide you to make informed decisions when it comes to looking beautiful for your Big Day.

Go natural! Opt for organic and non-toxic beauty supplies and shampoos. GWA member Noktivo is a non-toxic salon that offers a variety of chemical-free products both for sale and with their spa services.

If it's good enough for PETA... Request that your makeup artist use PETA-friendly products.

Say no to conflict diamonds. A conflict diamond is a gem mined in a war zone and sold to finance an insurgency. Make sure to know the source of your gems, or opt for synthetic diamonds which are much more affordable & indistinguishable in look. You can also find a fabulous vintage ring to symbolize your love or shop alternatives like wood rings.

On-site is better. Choose to have your hair and makeup done on-site – it’s much more fuel efficient to have one or two stylists come to you than to take your whole wedding party to the salon. Plus it's less coordinating on your part!

Read the ingredients. Be on the lookout for toxic, petroleum-derived ingredients in your beauty products. CALM skin care products come will full disclosures of the ingredients they contain.


Rinse & Repeat. Look for vendors that use reusable or biodegradable tools and implements, such as bamboo makeup brushes with vegan or cruelty-free bristles.

High pressure = saved water! Ask your beauty vendors if they use low-flow, jet-less tubs with cold water for cleaning towels and implements. Karen Marie salon's jets use 50% less water and are off-set with wind power.

Even a dull high-necked, long-sleeved gown can be updated into a vintage-inspired stylish gown. Read about such a transformation that was featured on Style Me Pretty.

Revamp fabrics with Dame Couture. Recycling is part of Dame Couture's mission. They strive to reuse vintage fabrics & components whenever possible.