About Toast & Jam DJS

Toast & Jam DJs specialize in making people dance by working closely with our clients to create customized playlists that reflect their tastes. We reject line dances, props and other gimmicks in favor of perfectly planned and well-timed soundtracks that appeal to every party-goer. That means no Hokey Pokey and no Chicken Dance. At Toast & Jam, we believe that a thoughtful mix of pop favorites, hip-hop booty-shakers, Motown classics and timeless standards are a fun and self-respecting alternative to those embarrassing and played-out dance-floor clichés.

We love to give back!

Many of our DJs are active members of the Active Transportation Alliance, an bike advocacy organization that promotes safe bicycle use in Chicago. We are also very proud to provide pro-bono DJ services to several organizations that promote environmental awareness including the Peggy Notebaert Nature MuseumGarfield Conservatory and the Chicago Botanic Garden.

Staying Sustainable

Toast & Jam DJs use paperless invoicing, faxes and contracts, and when we do print, we use a highly efficient laser jet printer, recycled paper. We even recycle the toner cartridges. We use Nest, a smart thermostat company to lower energy use and among Nest users nationwide, our office is in the top 5% for “least amount of energy used." In the office, we recycle all the basics (paper, plastic, aluminum, etc.), but we also have a battery repository so DJs can drop off their used batteries that we then recycle. Even though our most of our DJs have switched to rechargeable batteries, we recycle those too when they need to be replaced. We compost everything from the office using both a Vermi-composter and a barrel composter.

For meetings, most of our DJs ride their bikes or take public transit to the office. For events, all of our DJs use compact, fuel-efficient cars (several have a Prius and a couple exclusively use Zipcar). We've also switched entirely to digital format music, instead of using CD or records. And while records are awesome, they are made of petroleum and they are very heavy which means they require more fuel to be transported to and from events. We utilize a woman-owned cleaning service for our office that uses only environmentally safe cleaning materials. Finally, several of our DJs have urban gardens and share their extra produce within the Toast & Jam family.

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