About Thistle + Twine Atelier

Providing eco-friendly wedding photography and film portraiture for the independently inspired couple, Nikki captures those natural fleeting moments that are shared between her couples, while encapsulating the look and feel of the wedding day by focusing on even the tiniest detail. 

Nikki believes that the quality of her service is not just about amazing imagery - it's about the whole package. With a background in the arts, she integrates her love for large format film photography and bookbinding into her wedding services. She offers portrait sessions with her handmade brass and wood large format camera. She also integrates her bookbinding knowledge by making keepsake boxes for her couples and offering the highest quality heirloom albums.

  • Nikki lives in Chicago with her utterly adorable Shiba Inu pup.

  • Nikki loves to spend time in cafes and listen to records.

  • Nikki loves Halloween and horror movies.

  • Nikki received her MFA in experimental photography in Boston, and likes to make prints with precious metals.

  • Nikki is also an internationally exhibiting fine artist, making work about heritage and the sea.

  • Nikki loves to travel, and has lived both in Italy and in Japan, but sadly is not multilingual.

  • Nikki cares dearly for the environment.

  • Nikki once used to perform in the circus.

  • Nikki was once a DJ at a radio station.

  • Nikki loves the sea.

Staying Sustainable

Thistle + Twine Atelier strives to use sustainable business practices, and is a proud member of the Green Wedding Alliance.

  • Paperless contracts, invoices and forms

  • Paperless online proof galleries

  • Rechargeable batteries

  • Recycled paper for limited office printing needs

  • Responsible recycling and disposal of electronics

  • Heirloom keepsake boxes are made from recycled book board

  • Natural/recycled packaging for deliverables