About Spilled Ink Press

Spilled Ink Press is a husband and wife team of former architects now designing “invitation architecture”, greeting cards, and all kinds of paper awesomeness.

Each wedding invitation Spilled Ink Press creates is uniquely designed for our couples in a one-on-one process from start to finish, and then each individual invitation is hand crafted with care. Our aesthetic reflects the personality of our clients with a sensitive and refined eye. The story is told through a well-proportioned balance of text and graphic.

Staying Sustainable

All of the paper mills we patronize use FSC Certified stock, meaning the wood pulp used is grown and harvested sustainably. And all the paper we offer has a minimum of 30% post-consumer waste recycled content; whenever possible we use those with more. We also design our invitations in a material-efficient manner that mirrors the architectural mantra “form follows function”, allowing us to reuse paper left over from job to job and within each phase of the job... the leftover invitation paper is set aside and used for the wedding day place cards, for example. We encourage our clients to think through the lifespan of their event paper products, ordering efficient quantities and doubling up functions whenever possible.


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