About Nimble Well

Founded in 2012, the mission of Nimble Well is to offer an easy and budget-savvy way for couples to include beautiful rentals in their wedding. While planning her wedding, Kelly Connolly wanted eclectic things that weren't available to rent, and she found that she wasn't alone. Many couples and event planners put incredible effort into sourcing decor and servingware. Nimble Well's collection is constantly updated to meet the design needs of the most contemporary styles.

Staying Sustainable

Nimble Well is committed to mindful business practices like using green cleaning products, minimizing, reusing, and recycling paper, and working with printers with responsible practices. And we strive to work with vendors and materials that honor our shared environmental and social responsibilities. Plus, re-use is the core mission: to extend the useful life of vintage glass, metal, china, and sustainably-harvested and reclaimed wood.


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