About I love Lamp Lighting

Our main goal at 'i love lamP Lighting' is to create unique affordable lighting for your wedding using recycled and reusable materials.

Imagine walking into the room in which you will be saying your vows. The walls are lined with an array of colored lights of your choosing giving off a warm subtle glow as if the room were filled with 1000 candles, setting the mood for your special day. Over your alter hangs a chandelier of tapered glass lights cascading a glow down over you both, like a soft halo.

This installation will be like nothing you can find anywhere else. All of our pieces are unique and environmentally friendly and will provide your wedding with an appropriate ambiance to enhance the most important and wonderful day of your life.

We will begin with a free consultation, followed by an on site evaluation, which may include detailed concept drawings. The following describes what 'i love lamP Lighting' will deliver to you, our packages, and pricing details. We are excited to work with you to make your special day as beautiful as you could possibly imagine.

Staying Sustainable

Our shades are made from 100% recycled paper and eco friendly materials. Energy efficient bulbs must be used on all of our lamps, no more than 60 watt rating to prevent fire hazards. This helps keep our world greener.