About Healthy Soil Compost

Healthy Soil Compost (HSC) is a community driven, organic waste hauling solution.  By utilizing a dynamic fleet of bicycles and motor vehicles HSC can uniquely service a variety of commercial, educational, and residential locations within the Chicago metropolitan area.

HSC's mission is to connect members of the Chicago community with a thriving, localized food system that begins with a now, wasted resource.  From the point of generation to the point of processing, HSC diverts and transports organic energy, like food waste, from entering a landfill and instead converted into compost.  HSC provides all materials necessary to implement a low to zero waste event.

To do so, HSC partners with licensed organic recyclers to process the material collected from program participants.  Together, their combined efforts are directed towards building a network of waste-to-soil processing for urban farms producing local food.  

Staying Sustainable

  • In 2016 our fleet of bicycles captured and diverted over 150,000 LBS of food waste while cycling about 700 miles each month.  That is enough milage to cross the United States every 4 months while not burning fossil fuels! 
  • All of our collected material is processed by a Chicago recycler that focuses on growing healthy compost for local urban farms.
  • Material collected in 2016 was specifically directed towards building the soil for Otis Fresh Farms, a neighborhood urban farm growing healthy, local food options to low-income surrounding residents.

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