About Genevieve Lauren Photography

As an internationally recognized wedding, editorial and fashion photographer I've circled the globe capturing epic love stories from Chicago to Paris, New Zealand, Mexico and back. Just like every love story is unique, so is every event and I love creating a couples first family heirlooms that tell their story in a beautiful, timeless way. I shoot both digital and film and blend fashion forward photojournalism with an editorial edge. I grew up in the forrest of Lake Tahoe in Northern California and from a young age knew the importance of preserving this beautiful world for generations to come. Running my business in a green way is an extension of my own values and passing along that feeling to my clients is something that is paramount to making me happy with the work I do.


Staying Sustainable

Being green in the photography world is about a lot of little things that add up to a way of life. I use rechargeable batteries for my flashes and equipment, electronic contracts and questionnaires for my clients, and work with book binders that create handmade albums with sustainable materials. Since my office is often my home or hotel room when at a destination event, I also do little things like use recycled trash bags, green cleaning supplies, reusable water bottles, and energy efficient lightbulbs. Ive found that just like the way we create art, the way we create our life can make a huge difference day by day, and the more I do, the better it gets. 


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