About FIG Catering

FIG Catering, For Intimate Gatherings, provides every-last detail service, including hand-crafted locally sourced food and impeccable service, for intimate weddings. FIG is helpful, fun, and inventive in our approach to weddings – no boring plates or cardboard cutouts here. We will work with you on your event from start to finish, including recommending some great Chicago venues, consulting with you on the menu and décor, renting all necessary equipment (including vintage or specialty items), creating a timeline and floor plan, managing the event with a dedicated Event Manager, and serving with a smile.

Staying Sustainable

FIG didn’t start with a mission to be an “eco-friendly” caterer, but since the beginning we’ve purchased produce from farmer’s markets because that’s what we did at home, we recycled and limited waste because that’s what we were brought up doing, and we cared about the source and quality of the meat & seafood we were served because we’re chefs and want to be proud of what we serve (proud enough that we’d eat it ourselves). As we’ve grown we’ve committed ourselves to becoming more sustainable every year; these are just a few of our initiatives:

  • During the summer months, nearly 90% of our food comes from local, organic, or certified sustainable sources;
  • We make many items in-house – including breads, crackers, desserts, and garnishes – to reduce transportation and packaging;
  • We recycle or reuse anything we can including using both sides of every piece of paper in our office, donating chipped or broken dishware to artists, and using reusable containers to transport food to and from events;
  • Our fish and seafood options are all from the Best Choices category on the Monterrey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch list;
  • We source all local (within 200 miles) meat including poultry from Gunthorp Farms, bacon from Beeler’s, and steak from Slagel Family Farms,
  • We have top energy-rated appliances in our kitchen;
  • We use biodegradable and/or green-rated cleaning supplies in our kitchen and off-site;
  • We only provide commercially compostable disposables (sorry, no hard plastic plates here);
  • We use fellow GWA member Collective Resource to compost all food scraps in our kitchen and nearly 50% of our off-site food waste as well.
  • We never serve bottled water. Still water and our sparkling water is from the U.S. and in highly recyclable aluminum;
  • We donate excess food to a local homeless shelter;
  • Our paper products – in our kitchen and office – are unbleached and at least 30% post-consumer recycled;
  • We have low-flow faucets and toilets installed in our kitchen and office;

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