About Erickson Design

Erickson Design is a graphic design firm specializing in unique and custom invitations since 1997. We are tree huggers and do everything we can to make sure your invitation has a small eco footprint. We try to use the most eco-friendly products available, be it 100% cotton tree free papers, vegetable based inks, or planting trees. We also use recycled paper, reclaimed pieces, and even use papers made by water power from Midwest producers.

Staying Sustainable

We are a custom design house in Chicago that specializes in unique and creative invitations using recycled, reclaimed and cotton papers. We use printers that have had the highest of ratings when it comes to the environment in their cleaning and ink practices.

We do everything from the save the date through the thank you card and everything in between. Plus, we gift all of our paper scraps to Chicago Public school art programs. We also ask that the planners and clients we work with to recycle any left over programs, escort cards and menus.


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