About Crimson Cat Studios

I got my first camera as a brooding, artistic teen (about a year or so before being elected as my high school’s Earth Club president). In the early 2000’s, I began my career in photography and have been capturing weddings of every kind ever since. Now i help funky, quirky, and non-traditional brides and grooms capture the uniqueness of their wedding so they will have memories of their day captured as works of art for a lifetime. I will be with you every step of the way from engagement photos, to capturing the essence of your day, to choosing images for your walls. My style has been described as fun and colorful.

Staying Sustainable

My concern for our environment started long ago and I live my life - business and personal - with a smaller footprint in mind.

- I use only rechargeable batteries and flash packs for all camera and lighting equipment.

- I use online proofing and paperless contracts.

- I close the loop by purchasing recycled office paper, then turning it into scratch paper when it's been used (I write lots of notes).

- I reduce and reuse all office supplies, including recycling ink cartridges, writing on every scrap of paper (even junk mail), and recycling everything.

- I carry a metal water bottle with me everywhere.

- I've lightened my load so when possible I can take public transit to weddings and sessions.

- I purchase used or refurbished professional equipment. I fix things if they break instead of throwing them away. (I still have every camera I've ever owned and they all still work, my desk chair is from a garage sale, and the desktop printer has been around for a decade!)

- The albums I offer are handmade by a gentleman in California who is as concerned about the sources and sustainability of his products as we are.

- At the end of the day I toss the coffee grounds into the garden and turn off the computer.    


Instagram: @tuanbco