About Coach House Pictures

At Coach House Pictures we are all about capturing the details of your day exactly as they are and preserving your valuable memories with heirloom albums and prints for years to come. You can expect to experience your day by living in the moments that will take your breath away. Let us worry about picking the perfect backdrop, the lighting, and posing. Simply put we are in this to tell stories. Amazing stories. About amazing love.

Staying Sustainable

Coach House Pictures is dedicated to preserving a sustainable green business by relying on technology (digital brochures and contracts, website, and online photo galleries) rather than paper to do business. If paper is necessary we work with companies who print on sustainably harvested recycled papers processed without the use of chlorine or chlorine derivatives and who print using soy or vegetable inks. We also only use rechargeable batteries in all our cameras and lighting equipment and are proud to have upcycled most of the furniture in our office.


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