About Bright Endeavors

Bright Endeavors is a Chicago-based social impact business that provides adolescent mothers with a pathway out of poverty as they produce premium soy candles. Bright Endeavors offers eco-friendly, unscented votive candles for event venues and planners, as well as scented candle gifts/favors.  

Staying Sustainable

Bright Endeavors was formed based on a belief that if a program could intervene before at-risk young women made detrimental choices, chronic homelessness could be prevented. Also, Bright Endeavors is built on the understanding that transformation cannot occur only in a classroom, but if lessons are presented in real-life situations only then is lifelong change possible. In a social enterprise setting, participants are required to see themselves as part of a bigger picture, learning accountability and gaining self-confidence and direction.

We aspire to create a world where adolescent parents realize a future with infinite potential.


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