Photo by Sadie Thibodeaux

About Anemone Creative

Anemone Creative is a full service floral and event design studio based on the northwest side of Chicago in Gladstone Park. Informed by a passion for the arts and a strong industry background, our focus is customized and intimate. We revel in the details that will reflect the individuality of our clients, from exquisite seasonal blossoms grown in our own backyard to whimsical vintage containers and hand-selected silk ribbon.

Owner and lead designer Jessica Petty Smith strongly supports education and neighborhood development.  For the past seven years, she has taught art history courses part-time for City Colleges of Chicago and has begun offering floral design classes at the studio. 

Staying Sustainable

“One single can is of great importance…Because 99 is not 100 and that single one will make a difference.”- Valter Dos Santos (Wasteland 2010)

The impact that just one recycled can has on the environment and the mindset in the documentary Wasteland inspired me to evaluate and reconsider how I run my event floral business. We seek to help rather than harm as we create beauty.

At Anemone Floral & Event Design, we strive to preserve the environment for generations to come and continually look for new ways to be eco-friendly and responsible. At the heart of Anemone is a true passion for design, an innate love of parties, the desire to educate and a commitment to the future.

These Practices Include:

  • Recycling packaging, paper and plastic in our studio
  • Composting floral waste
  • Using florescent lighting in our studio
  • Reusing vases & containers
  • Buying locally whenever possible & using American grown suppliers and flowers
  • Designing without floral foam which does not biodegrade
  • Packing deliveries in recycled floral boxes and crates

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Photos by Coach House Pictures (GWA), Sadie Thibodeaux